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If I profane with my unworthiest hand
This holy shrine, the gentle fine is this

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ihopethishasntbeenused asked
Hey Neil, I don't know if anyone has mentioned anything about American Gods being picked up again for a series (or how FREAKING STOKED they may be) but are you confident that this time around American Gods could have a place on TV? (especially with Brian Fuller having a hand in production?)


Very much so. I was confident with HBO too, but less so as the development process went along, and HBO wanted more and more spelled out and explained for the people who weren’t following, and everything possible put into the first script, so was relieved when it stopped there. I was lucky that the executives I’d been developing it with still had faith in it and me, and that’s one reason why it’s been so much fun talking to all the platforms and networks who wanted it. I’ve love spending time talking to Bryan Fuller, and, more recently, his partner in crime Michael Green. They get it. And Starz seems to get it too. So yes. There’s always room for things to go wrong. But, yes. Confident.


καὶ σύ, τέκνον;


Two of the best things ever happened today:

1) I was the only one in the dining hall wearing a toga to celebrate the Ides of March.

2) Someone walks by my table and yells, “What the fuck?! That’s not even a toga praetexta!”


i’m gonna start saying “i robb stark’d it” whenever i should have listened to my mother but didn’t

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I have precisely one day left in my queue.

I don’t know how long I’m gonna not post here, but if you wanna say hey, message me and we can exchange facebook or phone info and we’ll chat.


On fish-eating as paradigmatic gluttonous behavior, see Fisher 2001, 174–175; Davidson 1998, 3–35.

may the gods grant me the ability someday to write footnotes so powerful